Public Sketching

23 Feb

   I was almost caught in a downpour down town a couple days ago. Ducked int McDonalds, got a cup of coffee and pulled out a tablet and pencil.  I noticed I was being observed by a few teenagers so I talked to them about what Iwas drawing and how I search for angles and perspective. They were nice kids and wanted to give me an Art Store discount card but I had to thank her and explain I already had one.  When got a chance later, I added pen lines and watercolor – then I even added a bit more color in photoshop to focus on the figures.  I had to walk home while it was still raining but it wasn’t quite as bad as it had been.


One Response to “Public Sketching”

  1. July 24, 2013 at 7:58 am #

    This is to let you in on events happening in Brownsville August 9 & 10th:

    The Brownsville Art Association (BAA) in conjunction with some members of Lane County Plein Air Painters and a self-identified group called “Club Macchia” are calling all artists in the area to come to the events:

    1. Starting anytime in the morning of August 9th, painters will set up all over town, especially on the sidewalks along Main Street and begin a 2-day “paintout” , not a competition but just a getting together of plein air painters in the region. The Club Macchia artists prefer the Italian tradition and therefore call their work “all’aperto” which means plein air.

    2. A Club Macchia Exhibit of Landscape paintings will open in the BAA Gallery at the BAA Art Center on Main Street and will be up for the month of August.

    3. Jerry Ross (that’s me!) will conduct a plein air workshop for artists at all levels wanting to learn more about oil and watercolor painting using the macchia concept and a guiding principle. The workshop will be in the BAA Center’s classroom adjacent to the Gallery and also out of doors. Registration information for the workshop is attached.

    All of us involved in this effort would very much appreciate a good turn out by members of Portland Plein Air Painters.. We will also be contacting the Salem plein air group and any others that perhaps you could suggest.

    Hoping to meet and work with you in Brownsville!


    Jerry Ross

    If you are interested in taking Jerry’s workshop,register
    online at
    For further information Joni Nelson, or
    call 541-466-3084.

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