The West Hills

1 Mar

This is a view from my apartment looking at the West Hills of Portland in the fog.


Finished Old Sketch

29 Feb

I recently added color to this drawing done last summer. A group of Plein Air Painters were given access to the Miss Portland Stern-wheeler moored at the sea wall in down town Portland.  In May this year look for a Nautical Art Show co sponsored by the Oregon Society of Artists and The Oregon Maritime Museum with work displayed in both locations.

The wheel is so large, there is a strip of flooring removed for clearance should the craft have to make quick maneuvers. The brass stand is for communicating with engine room.  Every time the Captain moves the lever, a bell rings and the lever action is repeated below decks. The engineer repeats the action to signal Captain message received

Public Sketching

23 Feb

   I was almost caught in a downpour down town a couple days ago. Ducked int McDonalds, got a cup of coffee and pulled out a tablet and pencil.  I noticed I was being observed by a few teenagers so I talked to them about what Iwas drawing and how I search for angles and perspective. They were nice kids and wanted to give me an Art Store discount card but I had to thank her and explain I already had one.  When got a chance later, I added pen lines and watercolor – then I even added a bit more color in photoshop to focus on the figures.  I had to walk home while it was still raining but it wasn’t quite as bad as it had been.

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