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North Portland Studios

9 Apr

Fresh or fake

This is a quick color sketch done last fall in the North Portland Studios located in St Johns district just in the shadow of the bridge of the same name.  The dahlias were fresh and displayed incredible color.  How could you not respond to that?  I generally get together with friends once a week to do some still life sketching.  If I don’t see what I need in front of me, I may improvise to improve the composition.  I like to create depth through overlap at the very least.  I consider percentage of warm and cool or at least a variety of color to keep the eye moving around the set up.  It’s just plain good practice wouldn’t you say?


Public Sketching

23 Feb

   I was almost caught in a downpour down town a couple days ago. Ducked int McDonalds, got a cup of coffee and pulled out a tablet and pencil.  I noticed I was being observed by a few teenagers so I talked to them about what Iwas drawing and how I search for angles and perspective. They were nice kids and wanted to give me an Art Store discount card but I had to thank her and explain I already had one.  When got a chance later, I added pen lines and watercolor – then I even added a bit more color in photoshop to focus on the figures.  I had to walk home while it was still raining but it wasn’t quite as bad as it had been.

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