Aside 30 Aug

Many painting demos can be found this weekend @ Art in the Pearl, downtown Portland in the North Park Blocks.  Most of the booths flanking the park blocks will have community resources art demos, music and food.

Get there early and avoid the afternoon crowds. The weather forecast has improved so it’s going to be a winner!

Plein Air @ Pittock Mansion with Steve Klieir and troupe ~ 8/13

Painting Along the River

1 Jul

Painters from Portland Plein Air and Oregon Society of Artists met along the Willamette River this week. Paintings captured Ships, bridges, and tugs while artists brushed away under blue skies and cool breeze.

Painting Along the River

JE5 JE35 Brdway-Brg-1 Brdway-Brg-7 JE6
Portland Plein Air member,mike musto paints grain ship

Portland Plein Air Group Member

11 Apr


At one of the first morning meetings in April long-time member Eileen delighted us with multiple sketchbook pages from her two months down in California.  She and her hubby had a place right on the beach and made a habit of walking every morning  collecting shells. This activity led to bringing her treasures back, spreading them out next to her brushes and paints, and recording the jeweled bits in watercolor. Soon she explored a variety of shapes and color within the confines of three inch thumbnails.

Portland Plein Air breakfast

Portland Plein Air02

We enjoyed her interpretations, simplifications, and dedication!

Portland Plein Air Breakfast 03

Happy to have you back Eileen!


North Portland Studios

9 Apr

Fresh or fake

This is a quick color sketch done last fall in the North Portland Studios located in St Johns district just in the shadow of the bridge of the same name.  The dahlias were fresh and displayed incredible color.  How could you not respond to that?  I generally get together with friends once a week to do some still life sketching.  If I don’t see what I need in front of me, I may improvise to improve the composition.  I like to create depth through overlap at the very least.  I consider percentage of warm and cool or at least a variety of color to keep the eye moving around the set up.  It’s just plain good practice wouldn’t you say?

Sternwheeler – Cascade Locks

6 Apr

ImageAwhile back Carolyn, one of my painting buddies gave me a tour up the Columbia Gorge from Cascade Locks down to Bonneville Damn and then back up towards the wind surfers @Hood River.  I can’t show you any wind surfers as there was absolutely no wind.  After we disembarked, it was still so pleasant of an evening and the sun on the craft…….. had to do a quick little watercolor sketch. Carolyn did a small painting too!  This is the area on the Columbia where the Native Americans have treaty rights to fish year round from the banks with dip nets.  Their platforms for fishing are very unsubstantial, scary even.

Portrait in an Hour

2 Apr


Quick Portrait of Jodi, She didn’t have to much time to sit for us but we made her get comfortable with a book and a cozy chair;  and there you have it!  Thanks for peeking in.

Spring vacation ending

30 Mar

All it’s done is rain for most of the week so get over with it…..  so the sun can come out all ready!!!!  Painted this from memory.  I used to have this funny shaped vase that I stuffed with petunias and cosmos during the summer when they got leggy.  Had to paint just to cheer myself up from all the sog and fog.

The West Hills

1 Mar

This is a view from my apartment looking at the West Hills of Portland in the fog.

Finished Old Sketch

29 Feb

I recently added color to this drawing done last summer. A group of Plein Air Painters were given access to the Miss Portland Stern-wheeler moored at the sea wall in down town Portland.  In May this year look for a Nautical Art Show co sponsored by the Oregon Society of Artists and The Oregon Maritime Museum with work displayed in both locations.

The wheel is so large, there is a strip of flooring removed for clearance should the craft have to make quick maneuvers. The brass stand is for communicating with engine room.  Every time the Captain moves the lever, a bell rings and the lever action is repeated below decks. The engineer repeats the action to signal Captain message received

Public Sketching

23 Feb

   I was almost caught in a downpour down town a couple days ago. Ducked int McDonalds, got a cup of coffee and pulled out a tablet and pencil.  I noticed I was being observed by a few teenagers so I talked to them about what Iwas drawing and how I search for angles and perspective. They were nice kids and wanted to give me an Art Store discount card but I had to thank her and explain I already had one.  When got a chance later, I added pen lines and watercolor – then I even added a bit more color in photoshop to focus on the figures.  I had to walk home while it was still raining but it wasn’t quite as bad as it had been.

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